Online Access

All users will have unlimited access to their SchoolLEARNer school. It scales appropriately to all devices be it computer, tablet or mobile phone. There is no need to install any specific software.


All communication with our servers is securely encrypted. We use industry best practices and take no shortcuts. There is an easy permission system to manage user access clearly and effectively.

Share and Reuse

SchoolLEARNer allows you to maintain a repository of worksheets to search and reuse or update. It provides tools for you to manage your worksheets and some sample worksheets to help you get started.


SchoolLEARNer allows you to set up courses to manage students, educators and online work. You may assign work to student groups or individual students. You may review the results in detail and in charts.

Importing Data

SchoolLEARNer allows you to import data to make it easy to set up your SchoolLEARNer school. You can simply copy and paste data from a spreadsheet to create educators, students and classes in your school. You may also import worksheets.


SchoolLEARNer allows you to create your own school forum for your users. They may post and respond to questions, share ideas and collaborate with one another. Included are access restrictions that for each users role.

The Worksheets.

We will provide a list of sample worksheets to help you get started but leave it up to you to create your own.

You may create worksheets containing multiplie choice, true/false or short answer questions with many variations of these. You may create questions that require the student to upload a file that you will mark manually. You may also attach files to your worksheet.

The tools we provide to manage and edit your questions include a rich text editor, image selector and maths editor. The rich text editor is also designed so you may paste content from popular applications such as Microsoft Word and it will do it's best to retain the formatting.

As well as sharing worksheets within your school, you may also share worksheets with other schools, so you may easily collaborate with others and add to your resources.

Extra Services


Should you require any assistance, you can always contact us and we will respond as soon as we can.


We will continue to update the software with new features and bugs fixes for free.