Frequently Asked Questions

Here is our list of frequently ask questions. If your question is not answered here contact us at

Yes! We welcome schools of any size to use SchoolLEARNer.
All communication with our servers is securely encrypted using SSL/TLS. We constantly monitor our services and take all reports of abuse seriously. Our products also include a strict permission system so only the users you permit may access your school.
Yes, you may upload any of your own images and include them in your worksheet. We also provide an image library for you to choose images from.
Yes, you may write your math formatted in AsciiMath, LaTeX or MathML and it will appear beautifully.
Yes, you may upload files and attach them to your worksheet.
No. You may register students with a unique Username and that is all they will need to log in.
It is designed for primary and secondary school children (K-12), however we believe it could be used for others as well.
Yes. Send us an email describing the features/changes you would like. We welcome all input and would love to hear from you!
Yes. Once you register, you will have access to our online documentation.